Discipline Soup

by Caley Conway and the Lucy Cukes

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released January 16, 2014

Recorded with Andrew Jambura at Throwback Lounge Studios in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Graphic layout by Maggie Schermerhorn.



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Caley Conway Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Caley Conway and the Lucy Cukes are a group of friends who attempt to play out the musical stylings of Caley Conway's soulful brain. We are Caley Conway, Rob Weiss, Alex Heaton, and Tim Stone.

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Track Name: Bye Bye Bye
I won't miss you, but it might be a bitch of a bye-bye
I won't miss you
but I will seek your speech and style
from those in later life
and my new friends, they won't be anybody's old fool
they'd be blind not to try to emulate you, babe,
to a T

and I'll believe I'll have all the good company I need
they will come litter love all over me

mean to tell me
heaven's hands have already held me?
so you're saying
if I angle my praying just right,
aim and fire,
that i'll be opened, turned-toward and ready
for the jolt of the electric present moment?
Are you trying to imply I'll be buzzed for days
on a sunset high?

But who will I get a rise out of now?
Who, among every heaven in this
head of mine,
will I cross town to find?
Will I cross town to find out?
Will I cross town to drive out of my eyesight,
and out of mind?
Bye, bye, bye.
Track Name: Funk 50
In leaving each other alone
we do several things at once.
For instance
This song, existing, written and whole
I only snatched it from the thirty-some or so that flickered the most
And I sold it.
You figure out that you have a fever
Believe in God, for he gave you your own thoughts to use
Run for the fruits of your long-term labor
I'm scared to die, but I think it is my job
and it pays to move forward.

But in the stillness in my head
There lives a carpeted floor and a pink chair
I don't know whose Grandmother's it was
I don't know who's in there tuning my instrument
For me

For the pie pieces of the pie piece table
And I don't know who's out calling me from the mass of you
And I can't do nothing in that house but fill with music
For all the good I'd be busy doing, dizzy,
ruining the day
Track Name: The President of Mental Health
I was having a most difficult time trying to explain myself
to the president of mental health
on how we station tissue boxes all around our house
in case something comes leaking out
in case the word you meant to use to try to reorganize
the truth
it wasn’t something we could talk about
hows this for relatable, piled up, and aborted nonsense?
those mangled babies on your conscience
probably got more confidence
so this is my poetic way for saying you’re defected.
i find you defected.

I’ve spent a countless sum of hours
in a cubicle, in a tower
believing that god was on a telephone call and I'd
transcribe his wisdom through the wire
you know you couldn’t have risen up much higher
O helpless fetus! Spiritually complete us! Jesus gets
a little tired
every once in a while
and the president says we gotta make a few corrections
'cause you’re profoundly unlike me
and you’re far too frivolous with your money
to purchase the quick recovery
so in my own professional guess,
based on what I've suggested,
i find you defected.

O treat me kindly!
I’ve got a growth inside me!
Institutionalize me!

I had a mother who played tricks on me
to make me love her
she was two-faced, she was foul
she bought food, toothpaste and towels and told me i was born
out of her belly
well i think its funny that you say you love me
i think its funny that you say you love me
i think its funny that you say you love me
when you wouldn’t push me out of your tummy

here comes the head
am i doing exactly what you wanted?
am i doing exactly what you wanted?

And though I know this may be news to you
and unexpected
well you are the most detested
waste of precious time invested
of the rest that we've collected
and that i find you defected